What is media.net how to get approval from media.net

Hellow friends how are you I hope you are fine today I have some interesting information which I wanted to share with you many people tell me that they didn't get approval from google adsense, but now I have a good news today I am going to share the best alternative of Google Adsense if you want to know about it stay with us and let's get started.

What is media.net how to get approval from media.net
What is media.net how to get approval from media.net

The best alternative of Adsense is media.net believe me guys this is the best alternative of Adsense if Adsense is giving you 100 per cent revenue then media.net will give you 80 per cent revenue this is the best alternative of Adsense and media.net will show only high-quality ads.

The benefits of media.net are after you get approval from media.net first 15 days they will analysis your website after they analysis they will show ads which are related to your website for example:- if your website is about news they will show ads which is related to news.

Friends, you will happy to know one thing that this website gives you money from impression as you know Adsense give you revenue at CPC:- click per cost but in media.net will give you revenue at impression how many impressions you will get.

Friends but this are not easy to get approval from media.net they have a certain policy like your website should be in English content and your website get genuine traffic from UK-US-CANADA at least 10% you have to get traffic from this country and your website has to be a top level domain.

Guys, you will happy to know I already get approval from media.net and now I am earning good from media.net and they give much more high revenue as Adsense give you and their ads quality is very High and you can change the ads colour easily.

Guys when you create a website use a template which I show you earlier and use that template and follow this terms and conditions and I am sure you will get approval within 12 hrs and you need to post maximum 30 posts to publish.

Friends I get approval from media.net within 12 hrs and after applying they give reply earlier as Adsense take 2 days or 3 days and if you have any problems from media.net you can mail him and within 6 hrs they will reply you.

If you still didn't get approval from media.net then contact me I will work on your website and I will try to approve your account from media.net.

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