how to domain for free

How to domain for free

Hellow friends how are you I hope you are fine so friends our today article is very important for your website many blogger beginners don't have enough money to buy a domain for a website but today I have a good news for you in this article I will show you how to buy .ooo domain for free yes you are right its free of cost if you want to know how we will get for free then stay with us let's get started.

How to domain for free
How to domain for free

So friends let me tell you more about of this domain this domain company name is .ooo you can go on google and search for it on google you will find guys this company is new and they provide every per person to get a free domain for one year only for per person and this domain is top level domain yes friends this domain is top level domain and using this domain you can get approval from Adsense and you don't need to worry about approval I also tested this domain and I get approval from Adsense also.

Friends, now I will tell you how you will buy this domain easily you need to search on google .ooo and you will get result on that website you will see a search bar type your website name and click on search if the domain name is available what you type on search bar then you can buy otherwise they will suggest you other option but you need to be careful if there is a premium domain then you can not buy for free you need pay for that because the premium domain price is different as normal domain.

Then you need to proceed with the checkout  and after if you have an account on that website then you can simply log in on that website after login in you will see a option to add a promo code friends you need to add a promo code which is GETOOO after you enter this code your total price will be zero and then you need to click on buy after that your domain is purchased and you also get email.

Friends sometime this domain take times to activate that's why you can host that domain to your website suddenly you have to wait for 24 hr after that domain activates after it activates you can use easily for your website.

Guys these domain is also SEO friendly so don't worry about this and again I am saying you don't worry about approval from Adsense or if your website is fully customised and your content is unique then you can get approval from Google Adsense using this domain.

Whatever I am telling is 100 percent true if you trust me then you can use this domain many people are telling that how we can trust this website if this domain website will shut down after few months then what we will do but don't worry this website will not shut down I am guaranteed you if you trust  me then you can use it now.

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